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UK Premium Pack Available Channels included in Package

English channels      available on all platforms
Entertainment (58)

Sports (51)

Music (3)

Movies (36)

News (8)

Kids (6)

Sports HD (27)

Documentary (19)

Radio Channels

BBC Radio1/2/3/4/4Extra/Five Live/Five Sports/6
Capital/Cassic/Crystal/Gold/Heart/Hot/Magic 105.4/Radip Paradise/Reggae
Smooth/UK Dance

This system is offered for sale to domestic households and is for private
use only. Pre-paid subscriptions cannot be exchanged or refunded once
the Box has been activated.
Ensure you have a suitable broadband connection and unlimited
bandwidth from your ISP before ordering. The broadcaster reserves the
right to change channel packages without notice.
The package is NOT covered by warranty if broadcasting stops due to the
broadcaster going out of business or a change in schedules.
If this is the case we are not liable for this action and you have bought
said subscription with this knowledge
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