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Maintenance is over, all services are up and running.

New broadcasting system is in place, please let us know how does it work for
Mag256 is now supported.

Remember, if you are using mag box, channel playback now will not start
automatically, you need to press "OK" to start the channel!

2016/12/05 Scheduled maintenance

We will have a scheduled maintenance tonight at UTC 21-00 (9 PM) - 0-00
(12 AM). Video playback may be disrupted or unavailable during the

Go to the main menu (the one that shows channels categories, etc.)

- Go to "System settings" by pressing "Setup", "Services" or "SET" on the
remote control (it's the same button, name depends on the version the
remote control)

- "Sofware update" - "Download method" - "From HTTP".

- "Start Update".

- Focus the URL address box so that it will have a yellow border around it.

- Press the "keyboard" button on your remote control.

- Delete the address line using your "back" button

- Type in this address: ("http://" in the link is mandatory!)

For MAG250 http://mag.infomir.com.ua/250/r2/imageupdate

For MAG254 http://mag.infomir.com.ua/254/r2/imageupdate

- Press the "exit" button to close the on-screen keyboard

- "Verify". If the test is successful you'll see that a new version of software is

- "Start update" - to begin the update.

If you managed to update successfully, please powercycle (reboot) your STB.

In case of "WRONG SIGNATURE" error message upon update attempt

This issue mostly occurs on older MAG250 boxes, running a very old version
of the firmware.

First and most important - please double check for any typing mistakes
(whether you have inserted the correct update URLs for your MAG250/254
box). Retype them from scratch if necessary to make sure.

If the above does not rectify the "WRONG SIGNATURE" error, please follow
the steps below:

- Power off your box and upon powering it on, immediately press and hold
the "MENU" key on your remote control

- You will be taken to the BIOS menu of the box (a text menu with blue
background in the back)

- Navigate to the "Def. Settings" row (using the up/down arrow keys on your
remote control)

- Upon highlighting the "Def. Settings" row, press the right arrow key on
your remote control and then confirm the operation with the OK key on your
remote control

- Your box will be reset to its factory settings

- Now, you will once more need to get into the BIOS menu (as mentioned
above) and change the "Boot Mode" to "NAND" (using the left/right arrow
keys on your remote control)

- Once done, scroll down to "Exit and Save" and press the right arrow key on
your remote control to proceed

- Your box will start updaing itself once it has been reboot. It will autoupdate
to the latest official firmware

"Time not synced" error (SEE Below)

- Powercycle the box.

- As soon as it comes on, hold the SET key on your remote control. You will
need to hold if for about 2-3 minutes maximum.

- Eventually, you will be sent to the inner portal from where you can proceed
with the time set as explained in the video guide

Go to settings in Inner Portal  Blue Cog Wheel highlight Press OK
Then Go to System Settings  Blue Cog Wheels highlight Press OK
Go to Servers Highlight Press OK
Go to General Highlight  Press OK

You will see NTP server  Bring up keyboard by pressing Key Board Key
on Remote this is on Remote under Blue Button under set up.
Type in using Keyboard
Remove Keyboard by pressing Keyboard again Press OK to Save
Reboot the Box and the issue is resolved

If you have any issues contact us via Skype Whatsapp or ON LINE Chat
If you are happy and grateful for our Explanation and would like to try our
service Free for 24 Hours Please contact us as above